Smoked Salmon Burger with Cream Cheese

Burger de saumon fumé et fromage à la crème

Portions : 2

Preparation time : 10 minutes


4 slices smoked salmon

2 rolls for hamburger

1 small jar of cream cheese

2 tablespoons of chives

1 red onion

1 cucumber



Tabasco or hot pepper

1 avocado not too ripe


Prepare the cream cheese:

1- Mix cream cheese with chopped chives, pepper (from the grinder!), salt and 10 drops of tabasco in the jar.

2- spread a nice layer on the lower half of the burger bread.

Prepare the burger:

3- place on each half of bread spread with strips of peeled cucumber (and/or avocado), 2 slices of folded salmon, slices of peeled red onion.

4- Close with the hat of the burger bread.

5- Serve on plates with seasoned salad.

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